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Version 2.1.1 Release

October 13th, 2020

The most recent release adds a few new features along with a few deprecations. We want users to think about methodology with every call of verify(), so we now require explicit keywords for metric, comparison, dim, and alignment. We also require the explicit definition of iterations for bootstrap().

We’ve added a few new features as well (see key additions below). For a complete list, please see the changelog.

  • An early implementation of bias correction.

  • Spatial dimensions can now be used in metric calls, e.g. for pattern correlation.

  • New metrics have been added from xskillscore, which are mostly based on the Contingency table. We have also added additional probability metrics: the ranked probability score, reliability, discrimination, and ranked histogram.

  • Math operations can be used between PredictionEnsemble objects (see example here).

  • Users can now quick plot their prediction system (if there are no spatial dimensions) with plot(). See an example of this in the quick start.


You can install the latest release of climpred using pip or conda:

pip install climpred
conda install -c conda-forge climpred

You can also install the bleeding edge (pre-release versions) by cloning this repository and running pip install . --upgrade in the main directory

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