climpred.stats.varweighted_mean_period(da: Dataset | DataArray, dim: str | List[str] = 'time', **kwargs: Any) Dataset | DataArray[source]#

Calculate the variance weighted mean period of time series.

P_{x} = \frac{\sum_k V(f_k,x)}{\sum_k f_k  \cdot V(f_k,x)}

  • da – input data including dim.

  • dim – Name of time dimension.

  • for **kwargs see xrft.power_spectrum

  • Branstator, Grant, and Haiyan Teng. “Two Limits of Initial-Value Decadal Predictability in a CGCM.” Journal of Climate 23, no. 23 (August 27, 2010): 6292-6311.

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