Publications Using climpred#

Below is a list of publications that have made use of climpred in their analysis. We appreciate a reference to climpred, e.g., in your acknowledgements section to help build the community. Please cite [Brady and Spring, 2021].

Feel free to open a Pull Request to add your publication to the list!


[1] (1,2)

Riley X. Brady and Aaron Spring. Climpred: Verification of weather and climate forecasts. Journal of Open Source Software, 6(59):2781, March 2021. doi:10/gh9646.


Aaron Spring. Internal Variability and Potential Predictability of the Global Carbon Cycle in a Perfect-Model Framework. PhD thesis, Universität Hamburg Hamburg, June 2021. doi:10.17617/2.3289580.


Aaron Spring, István Dunkl, Hongmei Li, Victor Brovkin, and Tatiana Ilyina. Trivial improvements in predictive skill due to direct reconstruction of the global carbon cycle. Earth System Dynamics, 12(4):1139–1167, November 2021. doi:10/gnjh74.