climpred.tutorial.load_dataset(name: Union[None, str] = None, cache: bool = True, cache_dir: str = '~/.climpred_data', github_url: str = '', branch: str = 'master', extension: Union[None, str] = None, proxy_dict: Optional[Dict[str, str]] = None, **kws) xarray.Dataset[source]#

Load example data or a mask from an online repository.

  • name – Name of the netcdf file containing the dataset, without the .nc extension. If None, this function prints out the available datasets to import.

  • cache – If True, cache data locally for use on later calls.

  • cache_dir – The directory in which to search for and cache the data.

  • github_url – Github repository where the data is stored.

  • branch – The git branch to download from.

  • extension – Subfolder within the repository where the data is stored.

  • proxy_dict – Dictionary with keys as either “http” or “https” and values as the proxy server. This is useful if you are on a work computer behind a firewall and need to use a proxy out to download data.

  • kws – Keywords passed to open_dataset().


The desired xarray.Dataset


>>> from climpred.tutorial import load_dataset
>>> proxy_dict = {"http": ""}
>>> ds = load_dataset("FOSI-SST", cache=False, proxy_dict=proxy_dict)