climpred: verification of weather and climate forecasts


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We are actively looking for new contributors for climpred! Riley moved to McKinsey’s Climate Analytics team. Aaron is finishing his PhD, but will stay in academia. We especially hope for python enthusiasts from seasonal, subseasonal or weather prediction community. In our past coding journey, collaborative coding, feedbacking issues and pull requests advanced our code and thinking about forecast verification more than we could have ever expected. Aaron can provide guidance on implementing new features into climpred. Feel free to implement your own new feature or take a look at the good first issue tag in the issues. Please reach out to us via gitter.


You can install the latest release of climpred using pip or conda:

pip install climpred[complete]
conda install -c conda-forge climpred

You can also install the bleeding edge (pre-release versions) by cloning this repository or installing directly from GitHub:

git clone
cd climpred
pip install . --upgrade
pip install git+

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