HindcastEnsemble.compute_persistence(refname=None, metric='pearson_r', max_dof=False)[source]

Compute a simple persistence forecast for a reference.

This simply applies some metric between the reference and itself out to some lag (i.e., an ACF in the case of pearson r).

  • refname (str, default None) – Name of reference to compute the persistence forecast for. If None, compute for all references.
  • metric (str, default 'pearson_r') – Metric to apply to the persistence forecast.
  • max_dof (bool, default False) – If True, maximize the degrees of freedom for each lag calculation.

Dataset of persistence forecast results (if refname is declared), or dictionary of Datasets with keys corresponding to reference name.

  • Chapter 8 (Short-Term Climate Prediction) in Van den Dool, Huug. Empirical methods in short-term climate prediction. Oxford University Press, 2007.