climpred.prediction.compute_uninitialized(uninit, verif, metric='pearson_r', comparison='e2o', dim='time', add_attrs=True, **metric_kwargs)[source]

Verify an uninitialized ensemble against verification data.


Based on Decadal Prediction protocol, this should only be computed for the first lag and then projected out to any further lags being analyzed.

  • uninit (xarray object) – Uninitialized ensemble.
  • verif (xarray object) – Verification data with some temporal overlap with the uninitialized ensemble.
  • metric (str) – Metric used in comparing the uninitialized ensemble with the verification data.
  • comparison (str) –
    How to compare the uninitialized ensemble to the verification data:
    • e2o : ensemble mean to verification data (Default)
    • m2o : each member to the verification data
  • add_attrs (bool) – write climpred compute args to attrs. default: True
  • metric_kwargs (**) – additional keywords to be passed to metric

Results from comparison at the first lag.

Return type:

u (xarray object)